Rachel Crist, Virtual Assistant

Rachel Crist, Virtual Assistant
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Rachel Crist, Virtual Assistant
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Companies experience time periods where additional temporary staff is required.  Hiring staff is time consuming, cuts into profits and the need of full-time assistance may not be consistent. Contracting a virtual assistant to get your business through busy time periods will save you time and money.  While working virtually away from the main office, a virtual assistant is able to focus on the task at hand without distractions that may be found in some offices.  The turnaround time of an assignment and project is normally quicker and more accurate as the assistant is able to focus.

This is where the Virtual Assistant services of Rachel Baker Crist can help you and your staff. Rachel’s goal is to provide services to help a business be successful and grow.  The technology of this decade makes it convenient for a business to utilize her services, and all that a virtual assistant can offer, and may be one of the best moves a business can make.
With 18 years of experience in multiple areas of office procedures and management, Rachel is able to meet the needs of different types of businesses. Feel free to contact her to discuss your office needs.

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