Farmersville Health And Rehabilitation

Farmersville Health And Rehabilitation
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Farmersville Health And Rehabilitation

Heidi Patrenos, Administrator

A Short Term, Long Term Health Facility and Independent Living Apartments (Including Wifi)
When a person requires someone else to help with their physical needs over an extended period of time, often a long–term care facility is best suited to meet their needs.  This help may include:

  •     Walking
  •     Bathing
  •     Dressing
  •     Feeding
  •     Administering medications
  •     Using the bathroom
  •     Helping with incontinence
  •     Managing pain

The need for long-term care might be due to a terminal condition, disability, illness or injury.  All of our residents have some type of medical need, ranging from basic care requirements to more specialized needs.


At Farmersville Health and Rehabilitation, we take great pride in the care we give to our residents.  We have a professional team of caregivers who have years of experience in providing a warm, home-like environment for all of our residents.  And, we also take pride in our wonderful kitchen staff and the delicious meals that they prepare on-site for our residents.

205 Beech Street, Farmersville, TX, United States, Texas, USA 75442

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