Farmersville Chamber Banquet

Farmersville Chamber Banquet
January 13, 2019 Lisa Eastman
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Thank you so much! If you were a sponsor, if you attended, if you were a volunteer, if you donated auction items, if you played in the band, set up or cleaned up at The Party Venue, if you cooked or served. We appreciate everyone who had a hand in our banquet. It’s always a pleasure to get to know you better, see you at our events and have you as our guests or even better…. our Chamber Member. Thank you again and again.


In 1919, a group of almost 100 Farmersville businessmen formed the local Chamber of Commerce.  A news report of that meeting describe their discussions of paving the square, installing improved sewer and water systems, and securing an electric light plant.  In the 100 years since then, the Farmersville Chamber of Commerce has continued to be instrumental in enhancing the quality of life in our community.  I consider it an honor to be associated with an organization that has served Farmersville so well for so long.

-Jim Foy, Chamber Board President



Farmersville Economic Development Corp

Foy, Incorporated


These are the sponsors from last year:

We Celebrate Our Award Winners

These Were The People We Honored In 2018

Jim Foy, Foy Inc. – President’s Award
Judy Brandon – Harry L. Cameron Citizens of the Year Award
Michelle Anderson – Teacher of the Year
Coach John Fetner – Teacher of the Year
John Williams – Police Officer Of The Year
Steven “Tuffy” Stroup – Firefighter Of The Year

These Were The People We Honored In 2017

Robbie Tedford, Tedford Chevrolet – President’s Award
Leaca & Steve Caspari – Harry L. Cameron Citizens of the Year Award
Chonte Reeves – Teacher of the Year
Frank Gonzales – Police Officer Of The Year
Angie Rios – Firefighter Of The Year