About Us & Our Directors

Meet Our President

Heather Grupido
Farmersville Chamber of Commerce
2020 Board President

Heather and her husband, Chris had owned Charlie’s Old Fashioned Burgers and Mr. Jim’s Pizza for ten years.  She has served on the Chamber board several terms and we look forward to her leadership again this year.

Our board members ensure that the Farmersville Chamber fulfills the mission statement, Programs of Work and established goals.   They act as advisers overseeing the finances, programs and missions, and setting policy’s to best implement this vision.

Join the Farmersville Chamber of Commerce and see what’s possible when our board members, our business partners {members} and volunteers work together to create the best possible business environment for successful programs and events. Our mission is to collectively work with our Chamber partners, other area businesses, leaders, churches and schools to create opportunities for commerce. The more commerce…. the better business atmosphere there is for anyone with a business passion to thrive.

We want to be a strong influence in bringing our leaders together to bring out the best in our community, to see good in everyone and make decisions that can keep Farmersville united.  If you have any ideas, questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of our Board Members.

Our 2020 Board of Directors

Heather Grupido, Chamber Board President
Charlie’s Old Fashioned Burgers & Mr. Jim’s Pizza

Joe Helmberger

John Hickman
Dyer Drug

Roy Homfeld
Tracy’s Custom Home Design

Brian Alford
Chief of Police at Farmersville ISD

Jake Buchanan
Buchanan Insurance

Allison Mathers
The Murchison-Honaker House

Kevin Meguire
Patricia Meguire, CPA

Lisa Crowder, Director of Special Events
Lisa Eastman, Director
Farmersville Chamber of Commerce
Office 972-782-6533


Our 2020 Chamber Ambassador Program

We invite you to become a part of our 2020 Chamber
Ambassador Program.

Introducing Our 2020 Chamber Ambassadors

Heather Grupido, Chamber Director
Board President

Ben White, City Manager
City of Farmersville

 Leaca & Steve Caspari
Individual Chamber Members

Kim Potter
Clay Potter Auctions

Chris Hayes
Gromit Consulting

Melody Hudson
Hudson & Hudson Homes
JP & Associates Realtors

Mike Schikora
Mike & Mike Rustic & Restoration

Rebecca Biggs
Platinum Auction & Appraisal Specialists

Click our link below if you want to know more about our program.

Our Mission – The Farmersville Chamber of Commerce staff, TEAM LISA, our committee volunteers and Board of Directors invite and encourage all businesses to participate in all our events. We work very hard to be a strong influence in bringing leaders and businesses together so we can collectively bring out the best in our community, and although our highest priority is to our Chamber Members first, we are dedicated to providing resources and using resources to bring commerce, tourists and a variety of business opportunities and events to Farmersville.

If you want to participate in events let us know.  If you want to become a Chamber Member let us know.  If you want to get involved, join the Chamber and we will help you find an event that interests you most.  Our planning meetings are open to Chamber Members who have a passion to serve, volunteer, and be a team leader.

This is what goes on in our office on a daily basis with the help of our Chamber Board of Directors, Chamber Members and our Chamber Event Committee Members:

–  We work every day to seek out commerce and tourism potential.

–  We constantly strive to host and promote events to connect business people to business people.

–  We look for relevant informative and educational speakers who can provide resources to build best practices for all businesses.

–  We bring together resources and network opportunities through morning network and business after hours to create commerce to keep our businesses going and growing.

–  We promote our Business Members and provide business referrals seven days a week through our website, our card rack & display tables, our Member Directory, our weekly eNews and our social media.

–  We work every day to be the best business partner for our Chamber Members.

–  We support our Chamber Members; and our community.

Lisa Crowder
Lisa Eastman


Meet Lisa Eastman, Director

I joined the Farmersville Chamber of Commerce team in April 2012 with all kinds of ideas from the great leaders who represented this Chamber at that time.  They wanted change.  They wanted a bigger presence in this community.  They wanted to see what was possible when they designed a better plan to create the best possible business environment for successful programs and events.  They formed a Program of Work to build business resources, improve referrals and outline a better path to bring commerce to this community.  It was an easy decision to join the Farmersville Chamber because of the board members and the community spirit.  My husband Larry has always been an integral part and accepted that challenge to work every event, help around the office and support this community with me. We love Farmersville.

I started in the mid 1980’s working at the Chamber of Commerce in Denison, Texas.  I published three of their Member Directories & Visitor Guides.  Since that time, I worked for, or volunteered in seven Chamber offices.  It’s my passion and I truly enjoy the job I have at the Farmersville Chamber of Commerce.

Here is why:  We have 190 Chamber Members with a desire to grow, be seen, heard and referred. They aren’t Farmersville Chamber Members by chance, but by choice. It’s our job… it’s our pleasure to help them grown.  I am semi-retired, so with the help of Lisa Crowder, Team Lisa is ready.



Meet Lisa Crowder, Director of Special Events 

Lisa Crowder joined the Chamber in January 2020.  She will definitely raise the bar for our programs and events.  She hit the ground running to prepare for the Chamber Banquet on March 21, 2020.  Lisa said, “It’s exciting to work with everyone involved in the Chamber.  The wheels are already turning on every single event planned in 2020.”

Lisa Crowder