About Us & Our Directors

Joe Helmberger, 2018 Board President

Our Chamber of Commerce Board President, is at the helm this year and we are looking forward to a great 2018 at the Chamber.  He has served in many capacities as an officer and a dedicated member of the Chamber of Commerce for over 30 years.

Our board members ensure that the Farmersville Chamber fulfills the mission statement, Programs of Work and established goals.   They act as advisers overseeing the finances, programs and missions, and setting policy’s to best implement this vision.

Join the Farmersville Chamber of Commerce and see what’s possible when our board members, our business partners {members} and volunteers work together to create the best possible environment for successful programs and events. Our mission is to collectively work with our Chamber partners, other area businesses, leaders, churches and schools to create opportunities for commerce. The more commerce…. the better business atmosphere there is for anyone with a business passion to thrive.

We want to be a strong influence in bringing our leaders together to bring out the best in our community, to see good in everyone and make decisions that can keep Farmersville united.

If you have any ideas, questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of our Board Members.

The MI Event Committee is strong and growing!

We invite all businesses to get involved in our Chamber Events.  This will help you to be seen, heard and referred –it’s the best way to be seen, heard and referred. 

Th MI Event Committee (Chamber – Member Initiated) was formed in February 2017 to bring businesses together from ALL the surrounding communities. Calls were coming into the Chamber office from businesses wanting more events and business opportunities, not just events on the square.  The committee started by defining the marketing needs and the most effective way to promote business.  It’s about how can we draw in tourists and be more visible in north Dallas and southern Oklahoma. The MI Events started with the Community Shed Sale, then the Car Show & Music Fest in June of 2017  with Scare On The Square scheduled that same year October.  

  • Every event has been successful.
  • Every event brought commerce, tourists and better ideas for future events.
  • Every event provided business networking opportunities.
  • Every event helped promote Chamber and non-Chamber businesses.

It was a great start up in 2017 and we think you can expect more events, better events and bigger events in 2018–stay tuned.

We are always working on good opportunities to promote our community, so if you have an idea, or want to be a part of our events please let us know.  This is “business building” for the future!

If you are a Chamber Member, then you can be a part of our MI Events Committee.  For more information please contact one of our business leaders listed below:


Lisa Crowder | simplexitytexas@gmail.com  |  469-525-5132
Misty Dixon  |  hayloftjunk@yahoo.com  |  903-450-5510

Donna Williams, Red Door Antiques

Barb Gehners, Mismatched Matter
Jennifer Giles, Main Street Antiques
Clay Potter, Clay Potter Auction Group

Dustin Tarrant, Independent Bank  |   Email:  dustin.tarrant@gmail.com

Chamber of Commerce MI Event Committee
201 S. Main Street; Farmersville, Texas

Stay informed by following us on Facebook or click here to see our list of events. 

Our 2018 Board of Directors

Joe Helmberger, Board President
Cell  214-546-3707

John Hickman
Dyer Drug
Cell 972-365-5167

Matt Crowder
Simplexity Boutique
Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems
Cell 214-457-3059

Roy Homfeld
Tracy’s Custom Home Design
Cell 903-274-6022

Dustin Tarrant
Independent Bank
Cell  792-658-5610


Clay Potter
Clay Potter Auction Group
Cell  972-782-7653

Jim Foy,
Foy, Inc.
Office 972-782-7282

Tonya Mercer
REMAX Country Northeast
Office  972-784-7800

Jeff Adams, Superintendent
Board of Directors Ex-Officio
Office  972-782-6601

Lisa Eastman, Executive Director
Farmersville Chamber of Commerce
Office 972-782-6533

Our Chamber Ambassadors

We seek out business minded people who are leaders in this community to be an active part of our Chamber.  Our Ambassadors help us be a better partner with our Chamber Members and in our Business Community.

Ben White, Farmersville City Manager
Donna Williams, Red Door Antiques
Kim Potter, Clay Potter Auctions & P31 Fitness
Leaca & Steve Caspari
Larry Eastman